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„Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by”
-Robert Frost


About us

Our company comprises a team of dedicated professionals offering a wide range of services in the construction industry. We understand that different clients have different needs, and so combine our professionalism with an individual approach to the customer every time. So why not take a look at what we have to offer and find out just what we can do for you?

Construction projects buildings and civil engineering

We have years of experience in designing the construction of buildings as well as civil engineering structures, such as houses (single and multi-family), public buildings (kindergartens, schools, hotels), industrial buildings (warehouses, manufacturing, logistics), bridges and skeletal steel structures. And because we have a full understanding of market prices for building materials and services, we can adapt our projects to your own economic requirements every time.


Architectural and construction projects

We provide comprehensive architectural and construction projects for both single and multi-family homes, as well as public buildings and industrial facilities on the license for the construction industry (with arrangements). On behalf of the investor, we also implement construction projects and regulations. We approach each project with passion, while always tailoring to the functional, economic and aesthetic needs of the client. And because of our years of experience, we can advise investors honestly with full commitment to every word we say.

Detailing drawings

On behalf of the producers of steel structures and design offices, we can perform detailed and accurate manufacturing drawings. These drawings are adapted to the needs and capabilities (hardware, storage, labour) and production specifications of each client, reducing the number of difficulties that may occur during production. The level of detail and clarity in our drawings allows trouble-free production of steel structures and an easy and efficient installation on site.


Coordinating construction projects

From the initial investment to the completed building, we do everything from scratch. We solve problems at every stage of the investment process, from planning and design through to manufacturing, as well as all the formalities associated with obtaining permits.

Technical supervision

We provide technical supervision on construction sites, with building site manager, foreman and site engineer. Our work with the technical supervision of managing construction includes controlling the technical accuracy of tasks, managing and supervising the construction of manual workers, analyzing the projects in terms of regulations, ordering the necessary construction materials and equipment, managing the state of building materials and equipment located on the site, and completing all the legal formalities associated with the construction process and its end. To manage the construction of highly specialised projects we use software made by Silsense Technologies SA. Ikuzo. This is an engineering company which, due to its experience, serves as a consultative process of creating such software.


Real estate management

Our role in real estate management is making all the decisions and carrying out all the necessary work aimed at keeping each property from becoming deteriorated, and in a condition in accordance with its intended purpose. This also includes a reasonable investment in the property. We manage both residential and industrial real estate, and offer periodical technical inspection (construction and installation) in accordance with applicable regulations.

Sale of building stone

We also sell natural stone for use on your projects, mainly granite, sandstone and marble, which are imported from proven producers of natural stone. we conduct a thorough inspection during packaging for shipment and delivery itself, and provide a delivery and product quality guarantee. The system is used to ensure the safety of both the contracting authority and the manufacturer.


Building inventories

The inventory of architectural and constructional drawings is a reproduction of a work (including buildings) on the basis of the measurements of reality. In other words, it is a statement about the facts of buildings in a drawing and description. Our inventories of architectural and construction use specialised scanners to allow a true reflection of the facts, and the building, in a very high level of detail.

Construction of houses, single and multi-family

We comprehensively build houses for both single and multi-family. Every project we take on is built within accordance to the regulations and construction practices which ensure the safety of the end user.

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